Participate in our Bike/Walk/Run Fundraiser!

NJTP is calling all students and parents to participate in our annual bike/walk/run fundraiser!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we are once again teaming up with St. Vincent Meals on Wheels to take part in their 20th annual Walk/Bike-A-Thon event in Santa Monica on April 26th, 2015.

Click the button below to make an on-line donation to NJTP’s fundraiser:

Make Donation

As a nonprofit organization, NJTP relies on donations in order to pay for our coaches, tennis balls, equipment and other costs.  So, this once-a-year fundraiser is crucial to our success.  The money we raise during this event helps us offset our costs for the coming year, and allows us to offer discounts to many families who are unable to pay for classes due to the loss of a job, loss of their home or both.

A portion of your donations will also benefit the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers hot, nutritious meals to home-bound seniors every day.

Class Fee Discounts

If you raise $300 or more in donations to NJTP, we will cover your entry fee to the event, and you will also receive a discount on your NJTP class fees for one year (for one child or for yourself).  The discount schedule is as follows:

  • 30% off your class fees if you raise at least $300;
  • 40% off if you raise at least $400; and
  • 50% off for raising $500 or more.

It’s a great deal, and it’s supporting two great causes!

Training Events

We are going to have three training events to help you prepare for the bike/walk/run event.  See the Calendar page for dates/times and other details.

How to Sign Up

To sign up, fill out the application form below:

Fundraiser Application Form

You can fill in the application electronically and email it to us at  Or, you can send your completed application to us by mail, or just bring it to class.

For any questions, contact Steve Tscherne at (818) 434-9231.

Note: The sign-up deadline is Sunday, April 5th, 2015 — please send in your application by then!

Fundraising Materials

This section contains materials that might be helpful to your fundraising efforts.

SCTA Article on the Neighborhood Junior Tennis Program

This is a reprint of an article that appeared on the Southern California Tennis Association’s website, giving some background and history about NJTP:

Reprint of SCTA Article on the NJTP

Letter to Family and Friends

Here is a sample letter you can send to anyone who might want to donate to NJTP’s fundraiser.  It includes a donation form and some brief information about NJTP.  The donation form can be filled out electronically and returned via e-mail, or it can be printed out:

2015 Donation Request Letter

Meals on Wheels 2015 Fundraising Form

You can use this form to keep track of your fundraising, and/or to have people sign up to pledge their donations:

Meals on Wheels 2015 Fundraising Form

NJTP Fundraiser 2015 Flyer

This flyer gives basic information about the NJTP 2015 fundraiser:

NJTP Fundraiser 2015 Flyer

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels 20th Annual Walk/Bike-A-Thon Page

Here is a link to the main web page for the St. Vincent Meals on Wheels Bike/Walk-A-Thon event for 2015; it includes a map to the location, and other information:

St. Vincent Walk/Bike-A-Thon Page

On-Line Fundraiser Donation Link

For people who wish to donate on-line, you can provide them with the link below:

NJTP Secure Donation Site (Powered By PaySimple)

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