Welcome to the NJTP tennis ladder page!  Our tennis ladders are a fun way to get match play experience while playing against your friends and new opponents you meet.

If you haven’t played in a tennis ladder before, please read the Introduction section below.

To sign into the ladder system, use the links below:

Introduction Q&A

Q: What is a tennis ladder?

A: It’s a system where you play matches against other members in your group in order to improve your ranking.  It’s called a ladder because when you win, you “climb the ladder” to the top.

Q: How does it work?

A: Basically, as a player, you issue a “challenge” to a higher-ranked player in order to set up a match.  After you play the match, if you won then you move up to the spot on the ladder where the other player was.  The other player gets bumped down one spot.  If you lose your challenge, there is no change — the rankings stay the same.

Q: How do I use the ladder?

A: Our tennis ladder uses the on-line tennis ladder management system.  This system keeps track of the players in each group, and lets players issue challenges, report the scores and view everyone’s ranking.

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Yes!  The NJTP ladder is open to all adult players (18 years of age or older), whether you are in an NJTP class or not.  We will also have new ladders for junior players coming soon.

Additional Info

Here are the rules for the NJTP Adult tennis ladder divisions:

NJTP Adult Ladder Rules

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