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El Cariso Park Classes

If you are are interested in becoming a new member then you are in the right place. Below you will find all the class that we offer, which are broken up by age group and skill set. All of the tennis classes revolve around at a 7-week session, with 1-week off. If you would like more information, please continue to scroll down the page.

Pioneer Park Classes

Pioneer Park – Beginner (Click for Schedule)

Pioneer Park – Intermediate (Click for Schedule)

Why Group Lessons?

Group lessons are a key part of our Pathway to Success for junior players.  We feel that every tennis student should participate in group lessons at least once or twice per week, if not more.

In order to keep kids engaged and interested in learning tennis, it needs to be fun!  Our group lessons fill that need by providing an important social aspect to tennis.  Group lessons allow kids to play with their friends and make new friends, while getting exercise and developing their tennis skills.

What are NJTP’s Tennis Classes Like?

Our group tennis lessons combine a number of important elements:

Fitness—A portion of each class is spent warming up and doing strength-building exercises targeted toward tennis.

Technique—Coaches watch each student and give instruction and correction on proper tennis technique.

Drills—We use many types of different competitive and cooperative drills to reinforce proper technique, shot selection, targeting and other aspects of the game.

Game Play—Students play a great variety of different games that focus on different shots or strategies.

Match Play—We play full sets, sometimes with modified rules that help students work on different aspects of their game.

Our classes are structured around a lesson plan, which typically lasts 7 weeks and covers a variety of fundamentals of the game of tennis.  We focus on a given area for one week at a time, because repetition is necessary in order to properly learn and improve technique.

Here is an example of a lesson plan we have used recently:

Week 1 – Forehand Ground Stroke Consistency and Accuracy

Week 2 – Backhand Ground Stroke Consistency and Accuracy

Week 3 – Return of Serve Consistency and Accuracy

Week 4 – Service Consistency and Accuracy

Week 5 – Approaching the Net Consistency and Accuracy

Week 6 – Defending Against an Opponent Approaching the Net Consistency and Accuracy

Week 7 – Match Play Days (Singles and Doubles)

At the end of the cycle, a new lesson plan will be introduced, which may include some elements from the last cycle but will typically introduce new elements as well.  This keeps the lessons interesting for students and helps them develop their game by working in-depth on a particular skill or stroke at a time.

Ten and Under Tennis

At NJTP, we use the USTA 10-and-Under format (also called Red/Orange/Green ball) in all of our beginner- and intermediate-level junior classes.  NJTP was an early adopter of the 10-and-Under format, and we strongly believe that it is the best way to develop young players’ fundamentals of the game.  For more information, see our 10-and-Under Tennis page.

Class Levels and Pricing

Our “pee wee” and novice-level classes are designed for kids who have never had any tennis instruction before.

For classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, students are required to undergo a short evaluation of their level of play, so that they can be assigned to the proper class.

Family discounts are available, and discounts are also given for families who participate in fundraisers.

There is a $25 one-time registration fee for all new students. We will provide each new student with an appropriate racquet and tennis balls.

See the class listings below for the prices for each class.

New Student Registration and Orientation

Registration can be done online using the Register Online link on our El Cariso Park page or our Pioneer Park page.  We use an automated recurring billing system, and the billing cycle starts at the date of your first payment.

Orientation for new students is done at the student’s first class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which class should I sign my child up for?

A: Students who are brand-new to tennis should sign up for the Pee Wee or Novice level class for their age group (see below).  Our Pee Wee and Novice classes are for students who have never played tennis before.

If a student has experience playing tennis, he or she should take an assessment so that they may be placed in the class that is best suited to their current playing level—these are our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced-level classes.

Q: Do you offer any discounts on class fees?

A: If you have more than one child attending our classes, ask us about our family discounts.  Also, if your place of employment offers a United Way campaign, you may qualify for discounted rates.

Q: Are there any discounts if my child cannot come to all the class sessions each week?

A: The class fees are designed around a set of weekly classes at each level. Unfortunately, we cannot offer scheduling or discounts for students who want to attend fewer times per week than what is listed for each class below.

Q: What if my child cannot attend class for a long period of time?

A: If your child will have to miss class for more than a week or two, please let us know in advance, if possible, so that we can stop billing you for the classes, and so that we can make your child’s space available to another student.

Also note that when your child is ready to return to class, we cannot guarantee that space will be available immediately since we currently have a waiting list for most classes.

Finally, students who want to return to the Challengers IV, Competitors V or Achievers classes after an absence of 6 months or more are required to re-test in order to be placed in the correct class level for their ability.

Q: What should students bring to class?

A: All students are required to wear tennis shoes or non-marking running shoes while on the courts.  Students should also bring water to drink during class (there are also water fountains by the courts).  And of course, bring your tennis racquet!

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