NJTP – CSUN Community Day Recap

Our Community Play Day event this past Saturday, held in conjunction with the California State University at Northridge women’s tennis team and their coach Gary Victor, was a huge success!

About 80 students and other players from NJTP, PAC Tennis and the community at large joined the event. Along with parents, siblings and others, we estimate there were 150 or more in attendance.

We started off the event with Coach Gary and each of the players introducing themselves and giving us a little biographical info.

Next, we took to the courts and the CSUN players led us through their dynamic warm-up and stretching routine.

It wasn’t easy! But by the end, we were warmed up and ready to play.

Four of the CSUN players demonstrated their tennis warmup routine, first hitting groundstrokes down the line and then crosscourt, then moving to volleys and overheads. The high-quality shotmaking and tennis technique was just as you would expect from a top-tier Division I college tennis team!

After that, we split up into different courts for each level (red, orange, green and yellow ball).

The CSUN players and Coach Gary worked with the students of all levels, demonstrating things like proper racquet grips and forehand and backhand technique.

Following the instructional portion of the event, we got to play some games! This was especially fun for all, because our students got to play points with and against the CSUN athletes.

On the higher-level courts, the games included rotating singles, team doubles, and student favorites like Burn and Crossfire.

At the end, we stopped for lunch and gave out raffle prizes and other gifts for those who attended.

In sum, this was a great chance for our students and parents to gain a window into college tennis life.

We at NJTP are extremely grateful to the CSUN players and Coach Gary for coming out to Sylmar and making this event possible!

Special thanks also to the parents, volunteer coaches, board members, and others who contributed their hard work and time to assist with decorations, setting up the courts, handling registration and cleaning up afterward. We couldn’t have done it without you!

You can read the CSUN news article about this event here.

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