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Introduction to Tournaments

At NJTP, we strongly believe in playing tournaments as a way to gain competitive experience and improve your skills as a tennis player.  In fact, in our upper-level classes, we require students to play a certain number of tournaments per quarter in order to remain at that class level.

Playing tournaments is an essential part of our Pathway to Success for junior tennis players.  We have seen it proven over and over: kids who play lots of tournaments are better tennis players!

Playing tournaments helps motivate kids to practice hard and play well in their practice matches.  It teaches them to handle the ups and downs of competitive match play.  It requires kids to develop strategies to win against new, unknown opponents with different styles of play.

NJTP Tournament Assistance

Through a generous grant from the Riviera Tennis Club’s Reach Out Foundation, NJTP is now covering the cost of all student tournaments in excess of $20!  This means that an NJTP student pays only $20 of the entry fee, and NJTP will cover the rest.  (This offer remains valid until the grant funds run out.)

If you wish to sign up for a tournament and receive this discount, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Player’s USTA number
  • Player’s current age
  • Parent’s e-mail and mobile number
  • Tournament URL or tournament number
  • Age division you wish to play in

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