Junior Rankings and Points

Rankings and Points

For tournament players who meet certain requirements (including playing a certain number of tournaments or other sanctioned matches in a year), the SCTA computes rankings which compare players’ tournament records against one another, within each age/gender division.

The SCTA awards ranking points using what is called a “points per round” ranking system.  This means that when you play a tournament at a particular level, you will receive a number of ranking points depending on how far you advance in the tournament.

For example, at a Level 1 tournament, the champion in each division receives 1000 ranking points and the finalist receives 800 points.  At a Level 5 tournament, the champion and finalist receive 120 and 90 points, respectively.

The idea is that as you move to higher level tournaments, and as you advance farther in each tournament, you will receive more ranking points.  This is similar to the way in which professional players are ranked.

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