Tennis Attire

At many tennis clubs, proper tennis attire is a requirement, and you might not be allowed to play if you are not dressed properly!  It’s always a good idea to check the dress code where you are going to play, but here are some general rules:

Mainly for Boys:

  • Collared shirts are required at certain tennis clubs – check before you go!
  • Shorts must have a pocket to hold a spare ball while serving.

Mainly for Girls:

  • No sports bras worn alone – you must wear a shirt over it.
  • No bare midriff when your arms are at rest.
  • Stretch pants, Capris or shorts may not be worn alone – they must be covered by regular shorts or a skirt.
  • You must have a pocket, ball clip, band or other place to hold a spare ball while serving.

For Everyone:

  • It’s best to wear plain-color clothes, clothes with an athletic brand logo, or clothes that are tennis-themed.
  • No clothing with references to drugs, sex, alcohol, smoking, violence or foul language.
  • No ripped or cut off shorts or T-shirts.
  • No tank tops (although sleeveless tennis shirts are sometimes allowed – check before wearing them!)

Here are some example tennis club dress code rules:

Porter Valley Country Club Dress Code

Paseo Club Dress Code

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