Here are some upcoming events for 2018:

November 10 (Saturday) – SSV Tournament

On Saturday, November 10th, NJTP will be hosting an SSV tournament at El Cariso Park, with check-in starting at 12:30pm.

SSV tournaments are a great way for players to gain match play experience at a competitive level.  SSV events offer several benefits:

  • They only last a few hours during one day, so you don’t have to reserve a whole day or a whole weekend to play a tournament
  • They are held at locations in our own local area around the San Fernando Valley, so you don’t have to travel very far
  • SSV events match up players against others of a similar skill level, so the matches are usually competitive and fun for all players

The entry cost for this event is $30, but NJTP will cover the cost of a student’s first SSV event for free!

In order to play SSV tournaments, you must have taken the SSV test and gotten an SSV rating of at least 60.

To sign up for SSV tournaments, visit the sign-up page below:

SSV Tournament Sign-Up Page

December 8 (Saturday) – SSV Tournament

Our final SSV tournament for 2018 will be held on Saturday, December 8th at El Cariso Park.  See above for more information about SSV tournaments and how to sign up!

Past Events

Click here to read about past events at NJTP.